To create fine and highly recognized brands (Winemaking, Packagingdesign and Distribution).

To establish a world wide distribution for our brands.

To develope wineries / investments. To acquire, establish, and manage high quality wineries.


AMPHORA is a unique entity which combines all essential elements of winemaking from A to Z. The network and expertise extends across multiple disciplines which enables the Amphora Team to develop the perfect concept for our wine project and own brands. Amphora also manages and works together with local teams to optimize and develop the appropriate strategy. Managing, Engineering, Branding, Marketing and Sales – at AMPHORA, you find everything under one roof, including the control of distribution and the entire billing process.


• Key focus is the region and type of terroir that have an upscale market potential.

• To find the right property to serve products to the international wine market.

• Amphora selects wineries which have international market potential.

• Amphora develops high quality wines for the right markets.

Wisely blending size and quality, and carefully judging feasibility is of the essence …

• Every winery needs its proper BUSINESS CONCEPT taking factors such as the dimension and potential for expansion, quality of the soil, etc. into account.

• The development of the concept requires sound EVALUATION of the feasibility, always considering local regulations and economic factors, potential for profitability, etc. – already in the planning phase.

• Which is the right TECHNOLOGY, grape strain, substratum, etc. for the winery?

• Considering export and labor LAWS, optimizing TAX burdens, setting up ORGANIZATION and HR structures.

• Financial planning and securing FINANCING.


• Branding for wine starts with the selection of the soil the wine is cultivated on and ends when the wine with its deserved Parker points is in the glass of the consumer.

• Wine branding has always to be managed hand-in-hand with sales & distribution.

• The wine consumer market is highly fragmented and drinking trends are increasingly dynamic. Well-founded market research combined with an up-beat content strategy and fine-tuned marketing is therefore key to success in the wine business.

• Amphora combines creativity and professionalism in BRANDING with deep knowledge about the global wine market having always the international distributors and consumers in mind.