The translation: “This is the favorite wine of Neptune”

The new style and taste of Rosé started about 15 years ago in the Provence. Some very few producers recognized the gap of quality of red and withe wine to all existing Rosés on the market. It was a cultural and historical reason why Rosé wine were of very modest quality. Pure grapes, high yield, unclean production facilities and other reasons caused this low-quality level.

All changed with the arrival of Patrick Léon coming as a highly qualified winemaker from Bordeaux who brought a complete different altitude to the region and the concept of Rosé making. His impact changed the world of Rosé and all matters related to it.

The basic elements in the winemaking is 100% cleanness, 100% selection, 100% temperature controlled. All these elements and a great know how of winemaking brought a completely different Rosé to the market. Bit by bit other producer in the region followed and even some few producers over sea started to implement this process. But Italy stood and still stands aside and has not recognized the wind of change.

Driven by the new spirit of Rosé and lack of Italian competition Daniel Caro decided to bring this concept to Sardinia. With a young team of local winegrowers, he started a new Rosé project Conte Lemár. With Raffaele Gregu the owner of the estate and Giuseppe Marrone an experienced wine expert Daniel brought the first vintage 2017 into the bottle.

It was the goal to produce a fresh aromatic and fruity rosé with a perfect brilliant light pink color with a rich and ripe body that fulfills all high expectation of top Champagne and red wine lovers.
It’s the first of it’s kind in Italy with such a perfect color, 100% cleanness and rich body.

Tenute Gregu Estate lies in the heart of Gallura and is owned by the family Gregu. The young and enthusiastic junior Raffaele is running the winery. The winery consists 25 ha of mainly Vermentino and Cannonau and is purposefully divided into specialized plots. The winery is completely new and perfectly equipped.



Different than the rest of the island the terroir of Gallura is manly dominated by granitic soil. This gives the wine a typical mineralise flavour and structure.


Is Sardinia's only DOCG appellation, and covers white Vermentino-based wines from a large area at the northern end of the island. The title held DOC status from 1975 until September 1996, when it became the island's first DOCG

Covering the north-eastern corner of Sardinia, the catchment area for the DOCG is surprisingly large (several times bigger than those of Alghero, Vernaccia di Oristano and Malvasia di Bosa combined). It corresponds roughly to the province of Olbia-Tempio, which itself corresponds roughly to the historical Gallura region (the Gallurese dialect is still spoken there today). In the west, its southern boundary traces the path of the Coghinas river, then veers north slightly around the Monti di Ala hills before reaching the east coast near Posada.


Region: Sardinia, Gallura DOC
Winery and Vinyards: Tenute Gregu di Raffaele Gregu
Directed and Produced by Amphora Wineries (AW)
Winemaker: Raffaele Gregu
Production Manager: Giuseppe Marrone
Packaging & Design: Daniel Caro
Vintage: 2017

by end of September the harvest starts in the early morning and ends by mid-day
All grapes are handpicked and gently stored in little boxes
These boxes are immediately stored in a cooled container just next to the vineyards
The fruit is cooled to the centre below 7C° to avoid any kind of fermentation or oxidation


The cooled and preselected grapes arrive to the winery and are processed onto a selection table where all kind of unripe or overripe fruits are removed
The cold and clean grapes are move immediately into the press and reach the stainless-steel tanks for the cool maceration
During the fermentation the wine receives several times a week a gentle “Bâtonnage”
Approximately in March the wine is bottled and ready for the market

Wine Description’s


Variety: 100% Cannonau
Vintage: 2017
Yields per ha: 6 tons
Alc. 13%
Recommended drinking temp 6 – 8 C°