• Supporting the INVESTOR in his decision on investments in wineries (choice and development of wineries by professionals)

• Supplementing the WINERIES in management, engineering, and branding & distribution (concept: A to Z support)

• Standing for guaranteed quality in product and delivery for the DISTRIBUTOR (reputation & network)

• Superior and genuine wines for the CONSUMER due to excellence throughout all disciplines from viticulture to vinification and storage (excellence in oenology)


Professionalism from Planting to Sales AMPHORA is a unique entity which combines all essential elements of winemaking from A to Z. The network and expertise extends across multiple disciplines which enables us to develop the perfect concept for every wine project. Amphora also manages and works together with local teams to optimize and develop the appropriate strategy. Managing, Engineering, Branding, Marketing and Sales – at AMPHORA, you find everything under one roof, including the control of distribution and the entire billing process.

A whole lot of wine in the glass…

• A vast number of underdeveloped precious wineries in the old world, with a high potential to produce most exclusive wines (Sleeping Beauties) are awaiting their revival.

• Targeting wines, reaching a ranking of 90 Parker points and above – producing hence for those market segments which are growing.

• Excellent knowledge of the entire wine making process combined with efficient branding and marketing and a powerful world-wide distribution network will enable us to reach this goal – we have already proven it.

• As an unknown wine expert once said: «The industry is rife with bogus wine, usually at the very, very highest level. That would be the most attractive segment if you were going to be unscrupulous.» – As true this might be and as various the gusto of the customers are, Amphora’s credo is to be serious and authentic about the kind of bottle its wine is sold in – and vice versa. Because we strongly believe that this is the most long-lasting content strategy.