The translation: “Wine wins over all” this is what “TROJAN” stands for resilience and balance

TROJAN is a wine produced by Amphora Wineries of a unique meaning. Inspired by the great history of Troja where a new generation raised out of this great drama. Trojan is a wine that stands for a resilience and an unexpected success after a period of struggles and loss of luck.
It’s about the challenge to master powerful elements, taming them to a harmonious unit.

It was the region of Toro that is famous for resilience vines that resists the epic destruction epidemy of the Philoxera in the 19th century. It’s known for its resilient and powerful old vines, with their dark fruit, intense and strong tannins. It is this great challenge to tame all these powerful components to balance them into an elegant body.

Daniel Caro together with Mauro Bergasio where able to vinify and blend of 3 outstanding wines with an impressive character and gentle power:


It’s a midsize traditional winery in the heart of Toro with a large barrel cellar facility. Perfectly and modern equipped with all needed equipment for high end wine making. It is surrounded by very old vineyards that are the basement of the wineries pride.

Different than the rest of most of Europe Toro had the luck of not being infected by the Philoxera disease. This disease that killed even all vines all over continent couldn’t enter the sandy soil of Toro. The philoxera cannot grow on sandy soil. Therefore, many of our vines survived for more than 100 years, growing in a sandy and rocky soil, living symbol of resilience. They have been able to resist the phyloxera despite no irrigation being used, having to develop their roots up to 5 meters to reach the much-needed water
The climate is a very continental climate. They face sharpest winters and heaviest summer’s suffocating heat. It’s a boiling pot of climate contrast and fast changes. All these components are perfect conditions for very structured and mineral wines.

Region: Spain, Castillia Leon, Toro
Winery and Vineyards: Bodega Liberalia
Directed and Produced by Amphora Wineries (AW)
Winemaker: Juan Antonio Fernández
Production Manager: Beatriz Fernández
Packaging & Design: Daniel Caro
Vintage: 2011 & 2008


by end of September the harvest starts in the early morning and ends by mid-day
All grapes are handpicked and gently stored in little boxes
These boxes are immediately stored in a cooled container just next to the vineyards
The fruit is cooled to the centre below 7C° to avoid any kind of fermentation or oxidation
the selection of exceptional vines aged between 50 and 100 years old, uncrafted and non-irrigated. Year after year, their low yields deliver grapes of extreme concentration with intense fruit and structure.


The cooled and preselected grapes arrive to the winery and are processed onto a selection table where all kind of unripe or overripe fruits are removed
The cold and clean grapes are move immediately into the press and reach the stainless-steel tanks for the cool maceration
Approximately in March the wine is moved into French and American Barrels and is stored for at least 12 months.
After the bottling the wines stay for at least 5 year in the cellar until the perfect drinking level has been reached.

Wine Description’s


Variety: 100% Tempranillo
Vintage: 2008 / Reserva
Storage: 24 Month in French oak barrels and 8 year in the bottle
Yields per ha: 4 tons
Alc. 15%
Recommended drinking temp 16 – 18 C°


Variety: 100% Tempranillo
Vintage: 2011
Storage: 12 Month in French oak barrels and 5 year in the bottle
Yields per ha: 4,5 tons
Alc. 15%
Recommended drinking temp 6 – 8 C°